My All Time Top 5 Favourite Christmas Films

December 10, 2017lorenxalicia

There is nothing better than snuggling down watching Christmas films with a mug of hot chocolate in hand at this time of year. This genre of movie has to be my ultimate favourite, however you have to wait all year round to watch them again, as even I say its a bit too much seeing one in any months but November/December. I have all of these on DVD and can watch them over and over again repeatedly without getting bored. As I am a big kid, most of my top 5 are children’s films, although you can never be too old for a light hearted, feel good Xmas film can you?

  1. Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas – This film is made up of three individual movies featuring all of the most loved characters. There is one which focuses on Goofy and his son, Mickey and Minnie, and finally one on Donald Duck and his nephews.
  2. Muppet’s Christmas Carol – Based on the famous Christmas Carol story about Scrooge, this film if created using the Muppet’s as the characters which is an interesting take on the book. It is also filled with some fun songs, my favourite is the one Marley and Marley sing to Scrooge.
  3. Prancer – Covering a girl’s love and friendship with a reindeer called Prancer, this film is adorable in more ways than one and is guaranteed to be a tear jerker.
  4. Love Actually – A classic. Pretty much everyone has seen this film I reckon!
  5. The Santa Clause – Another Xmas classic. This film is about a regular Dad having to trade places with Santa Clause after an accident and it has all of the festive feels.

I would love to know what your favourite Xmas films are and I can increase my ever expanding collection of DVDs. Also, if you watch any of the ones I have mentioned above let me know!

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