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September 2, 2017lorenxalicia

TV Shows

After writing my post on the shows I was watching on Netflix, I decided to put together a list of what TV shows I am currently binging on as there is quite a few. My partner and I love snuggling up on the sofa and fitting in as many shows as we can before we go to sleep.

Most of our shows are saved on our TiVo box which is hooked up to our TV which allows us to watch as many episodes as we can in one go. As we both use the TV a lot for shows, films, YouTube and games we would love to upgrade to the best quality out there. One we are particularly keen on is the Panasonic 4K TV which is a new release from the brand which has a bright and vibrant display within a sleek shell, meaning that it won’t take up much room at all, which is exactly what we need.

So without further ado, here is my list of TV shows that are our guilty pleasures:

  • Dance Moms – Obviously this is going to be at the top, I LOVE this show with a passion, although I am currently waiting for the latest season to air on 5 Star, I enjoy watching all the older episodes I have saved.
  • Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares – We both love watching this together to see how he can transform a struggling restaurant into a beautiful cuisine. There is also a hotel version of the called Hotel Hell which we love too!
  • Impractical Jokers – Can’t beat a good comedy, especially when it is as hilarious as these guys are! From Joe’s eagerness to find Larry to Sal’s fear of germs and cats this show makes great entertainment and has us both in stitches.
  • Nightmare Tenants And Slum Landlords – We have recently discovered this one, and with being renters ourselves we find it quite intriguing to watch. The state of some of the places and situations they end up in are so grim and terrifying.
  • Geordie Shore – These lot always end up causing chaos when they are mortal but it makes such good viewing. I have stuck with this show since the it first aired and loved seeing the cast members evolve. My personal fave is Charlotte but I am gutted she has not returned to the show, but even outside of the house she is doing so well for herself with fitness DVDs, shows and now clothing and makeup lines – this woman is unstoppable!
  • Are You The One – This is another one I have watched since the very beginning, I enjoy watching the challenges and trying to guess myself and predict who the perfect matches are. I also enjoyed their spin off they did earlier this year called Second Chances where they got perfect matches back together for a final task.
  • Gotham – We both love batman, so to get to see a ‘before he came batman’ kind of show, was super interesting. You even get to see the bad guys and other characters in the early years as well which is fun to try and guess who is who. BUT major spoiler! – Why did they kill off the Joker!?
  • The Middle – Based on a similar concept to the well loved ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ this show operates on the same basis of having 3 siblings but seems to be from the perspective of the parents mainly than the middle child – Sue.
  • The Walking Dead – Now it wouldn’t be a list of my favourite TV shows without adding this bad boy in. I have legit watched this since the beginning, it started off being mine and my dad’s Friday night show with a bottle of cider and a bag of chocolate. And before we knew it, it became almost like a tradition to watch it together. Although, when I moved out we watch it separately but still have a weekly catchup when I see him and sometimes we watch it together if I missed it that week which is nice.
  • America’s Next Top Model – I started watching this the past couple of years and me and my best friend from my previous workplace used to watch it and catchup on it when we saw each other the same day. Lets face it, watching this show makes you strut around the living room pretending to a model..okay..just me?

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  • Lisa Dimaline

    November 18, 2017 at 12:24 am

    Dance Moms, Gotham & ANTM are some of my faves too! I’m a TVAddict & could post loads more great choices 📺❤️💋

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