Violet Voss Laura Lee Palette

October 14, 2016Loren
The other day I saw that a new Violet Voss palette was released and with my friend’s wedding coming up I thought I’d treat myself to a high end palette to create a killer makeup look for it. Just looking at the colours on the website, I knew it was something I would get a lot of use out of! I purchased this beauty from for £38 which works out at £1.90 an eye shadow which is not too dear if you  think about it. And the quality of the eye shadow’s are perfection
It came in it’s own little white box with bubble wrap around the palette.
The palette itself is a beautiful black and gold design.


The colours are just perfect aren’t they? There is such a wide range of colours and I can guarantee I will be making use of all of these colours. I especially like the shimmer shades which are so pigmented and beautiful.


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