Wildlife Show

May 8, 2016Loren

We attended the Wildlife Show at the Castle last year and really enjoyed it, so after grabbing some yummy dinner in town we decided to go back again this year. There were different shows on this year that we did not see last year. I especially found the duck herding show quite amusing, as you usually see dogs herding sheep not ducks.


The little petting farm was there again too but with a baby goat and a very grown up bunny rabbit. Pretty sure it was a tiny rabbit when we came last year! These animals looked so happy with all the fuss and attention they were getting from the young kids and us adults!


Funny story, when we were stood outside the bat group oggling over the adorable baby bat, my pumps got stuck in the mud. It was so awkward because I went to move, I couldn’t, but when trying to regain my balance I ended up sticking both feet in the mud and almost falling down taking my other half with me. I was so embarrassed! I suppose it could of been worse, I could of fallen over completely and got my nice white dress and cardigan covered in mud, flashing everyone my pants in the process!
After that fiasco we made our way home and enjoyed some yummy drinks in the sun, in the most adorable cups may I add. I got them from Home Bargains for 79p each which is amazing and good quality for the money! Although after spending the majority of the day out in the sun I reckon I burnt my shoulders and chest. But hey-ho I had a lovely day with my other half!



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