My Go To Winter Lipsticks For the Festive Period

Winter Lipsticks

During the this time of the year I enjoy wearing berry tones, reds and nudes for my winter lipsticks. As I own so many lipsticks, I thought I would put a post together for you talking about my favourite lip products for the festive period. For everyday wear I would choose a nude or brown shade, however if I am off out for the day or night, I would gravitate more towards a berry or a red depending on what kind of look I was going for.

I love the winter season as you get the opportunity to experiment with dark vampy lipsticks without them looking too out of place or intense. Although I still wear my trusty nude lipsticks for everyday, I find breaking out the more colorful deeper shades bring a sense of confidence as well as concern. As after all, dark colours are a nightmare for bleeding or getting all over your teeth!

Winter Lipsticks

So in no particular order, I have listed the lipsticks below which I can find online, the only one I could not find is the Ted Baker lippy as it was part of a gift set Mike bought me a few years ago.

If you want to delve into my lipstick history, you can find out which autumn lipsticks I was loving back in the day here and you can see which I still love using now. I am interested to know what your most used lipsticks are during this time of year and I may uncover a new favourite to add to my collection. And vice versa, if you try out any of the ones listed above and love it comment below.

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