Wonderland Makeup Review

November 11, 2017lorenxalicia

A few weeks ago Wonderland got in touch with me and asked if I would like to try out some of their products and, being the self confessed makeup addict I am, I said yes! They kindly sent me a pigment shadow, blusher and primer to test out and review. But before I get onto the review, I thought I would tell you a bit more about this brand.

Wonderland are a UK cosmetics brand who aim to make cruelty free high end makeup products without the expensive price tag. By making these items affordable, everyone can own high quality makeup with the confidence of knowing that they were manufactured without causing any harm.


As a starting point, the packaging of the makeup looks so fresh and classy with the Wonderland logo featured on the front along with the name of the product. By choosing a clean design, they have definitely brought the high end feel to not only the products, but the packaging too. Made from a card material with a gloss finish, it can also be recycled.


This is what the products look like when they are out of their packaging. I am in love with the colour of the blusher and the pigment as I adore pink tones. I like how the primer is also see through so you can easily notice when you are running low on it, without having to wait until that last pitiful squeeze left to know. Helpfully, the pigment comes with a sectioned off shaker filter to disperse little bits of the shadow without having it come all out once. As well as this, the blusher comes with a clear lid so you can easily view the colour of it without the need to open it.


Starting with the primer, it feels so light and smooth when dispensing it onto my hand. It is recommended to only use a pea sized amount and that is so true, as a little bit goes a long way. It comes in a 30ml tube for only £15 which is an amazing value for the price of it.


Next onto the eyeshadow/pigment, the colour itself is amazing and it comes out as a loose powder which is so smooth when it is applied to the eyelid. I found that it also blends out so easily and looks really effective when worn with other eyeshadow, leaving this as the accent colour. The name of this shade is Karma.


As I am quite cool toned, I find pink blushers to be the best match for my skin, and this blusher in the shade Molly is perfect for me. I am not one for an intense blushed look so the fact that this colour has a subtle pigment is ideal. You can also build this shade up if you do like the strong flushed look, which makes this product so versatile.


Above you can see my completed makeup look using the Wonderland products as well as some of my own, like mascara and foundation etc. Overall I love the way my face looks using the primer, pigment and blusher. As I don’t like a heavy blusher, I lightly dusted it over my cheeks to give me a nice flushed look. On my eyes I used the pigment in the center and blended it out using the colours from my Morphe palette. And finally I used the primer on my face after moisturising and before my foundation and I love the way it sits and feel on. It definitely helps to provide a flawless base. This photo was also taken after my skating rehearsals so I am super impressed that the makeup stayed in place throughout!


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